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 Upcoming Broadcast Preview
Hour One
Seg 1:
Today we have special guest,  Managing Editor of GEARS Magazine
Rodger Bland in studio.

We'll talk with Rodger about the frenetic pace of engine
and transmission developmentand how that might affect us
us buyers and consumers.

Seg 2:
Spence's News-Views, we'll continue with the advancement
of infotainment technology.The Smartphone is quickly becoming
the new diagnostic handheld device.
Seg 3:
Jim Naylors "World of Motorsports"
Seg 4
National Events Report with AutoAdix Magazine
Clash of the Classics, this week the
1937 Ford Sedan battles the 1937 Chevy Master Deluxe
Spence is our tourguide with another episode of "Stars * Cars * Guitars"
Hour Two
Seg 5:
Rodger Bland is our in studio guest today. We'll sit down and discuss the growing popularity of the Dual Clutch transmission. We'll take a look at Mercedes wet disc 4 matic transmission and we'll look briefly at the Lamborghini sequential transmission
Seg 6:
Spence's  News - Views
Seg 7:
Jim Naylor's "World of Motorsports"
in NHRA Ritchie Crampton turns in one of his best outings
In NASCAR, The numbers indicate Danica Patrick is making progress
but she says its difficult to quantify the progress

Seg 8:
Glenn and Julies National Events Report with Auto Adix Magazine
Mercedes is set to debut some technological excitement in 2016 with
the release of the all new 4.0 liter twin turbo V8.
The Folks at Ferrari have some excitement of their own,
a V12 that accelerates to 60 in 2.2 seconds







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