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 Upcoming Broadcast Preview
Hour One
Seg 1:
Amid the biggest recall in automotive history,
GM posts 3rd quarter earnings of 1.4 billion?

Ford continues to keep a tight lid on the GT500 Mustang.
Will it be a Cat Killer?

Is Toyota working on the release a 600 hp sports car?
Seg 2:
Spences News and Views
Seg 3:
Toyota enlists the Muppet Characters to convey
the message that Toyota's aren't boring.

Lincoln gets big bang for their buck from Matthew Mcconaughey.
Ellen Degeneres adds her 2 cents in a spoof

4G technology will take us to new levels in terms of in car infotainment
Seg 4:
Clash of the Classics, today the 1934 Plymouth coupe
battles the 1934 Chevy
Cars, Stars and Guitars
Hour Two
Seg 5:
OeM's are beginning to experiment with magnesium castings
for powertrain components. Thats huge for the transmission industry
Lincoln Navigator gets a new engine and some new advertising
Seg 6:
Spence's News and Views
Seg 7:
Factory sponsored maintenance packages? Is it BS or brilliant?
7 Vital Systems revisit
Seg 8:
Mid Engine Vette revisit
Jaguar XKR-S
Viper is a bust










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