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 Upcoming Broadcast Preview
Hour One
Seg 1:We launch out today with a look at the top 5 cars
with the greatest price differentials. We'll break down
the differences and sort through the numbers.
Are the powertrains really worth the additional costs?
We'll tell ya why..."Acceleration Sells"

Seg 2:
Spence's Late Breaking Automotive News and Views
Seg 3:
Special Guest Andy Cawalti in studio.
Andy is an Automotive Technology Coordinator at the College level,
we'll sit down with Andy and get his unique perspective on a few of
the challenges for both Student and Instructor

Seg 4:
Clash of the Classics, today the 1924 Ford Model T
battles the 1924 Chevy Coupe

Cars, Stars and Guitars
Hour Two
Seg 5:
If you're a fan of Turbo Diesel, todays your day!!
We look at a couple diesel standouts for 2015,
its the new Dodge 3.0 Liter Ecodiesel and the all
new 3.2 liter 5 cylinder Ford Duratorque Diesel

Seg 6:
Spence's Late breaking Automotive Headlines
Seg 7:
We take a fresh look at Street Legal Performance
* Camaro
* Vette
* Viper
* Mustang
Seg 8:
Rumor mill has it that the next Gen Vette will be Mid-Engine AWD
and the next Camaro will launch on GM's Alpha platform...thats the Cad ATS series.

We'll dig out the details!










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