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 Upcoming Broadcast Preview
Hour One
Seg 1:
We conclude our brief mini series covering the fundamental changes about
to occur in the automotive service industry with business expert Jim Cathcart
Seg 2:
Folks are keeping their cars longer today than at any point in history.
We'll cover some of the reasons cars are lasting longer and how we can get the
most out of our vehicles.
Seg 3:
Detroit has never produced the level of quality thats currently being manufactured.
American cars are now in many cases superior to their import rivals. Once again it's
good to be behind the wheel of good ol' Detroit steel.
We'll take an in depth look at the construction of 3 American superstar
models and why they are the engineering leaders
* 2015 Z06 Corvette LT4 Direct Injected Masterpiece
* 2015 Chevrolet Z28 LT1 & Supercharged
* 2015 Dodge (Hellcat) Challenger 6.2 liter engine powering the fastest
production car in the world.
Seg 4:
With the announcement of Honda entering Formula 1 racing, theres big news
for Honda/Acura fans and their dealers
* 2015 NSX is a formula 1 race car for the city streets
* All new Odyssey is set to debut in 2017...but theres a twist, we'll get ya caught up on the latest
Clash of the Classics,  today the 1967 Chevelle battles the 1967 Ford galaxie 500
Hour Two
Seg 5:
Today we'll look at turbochargers and superchargers
We'll breakdown the Pro's and Con's of each system
Seg 6:
Spence news and views

Seg 7:
Cameras are the subject, dashcams, lane cams, parking cams,
Cameras are now everywhere. How will they shape the future?

Ford announces some interesting stats on the 2016 Mustang GT350
Seg 8:
Performance trucks (Or lack of them) dominates our discussion today.
Does the 2017 Raptor have a competitor?

We'll try to understand why the BMW X6 exists...What is it's purpose?












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